H O M E          A B O U T  J E N          W E D D I N G          P O R T F O L I O          I N V E S T M E N T          C L I E N T S          S A Y  H E Y

  • My last name is pronounced "zip-cow-ski"

  • I'm a boy mom to 2 tiny humans, Konrad & Logan

  • I also have 2 fur babies, Emma & Panzer (follow them on instagram @twoMNGSDs)

  • Haribo gummi bears are my favorite candy

  • Like any Minnesota girl, I'm a huge Wild fan

  • I collect #13 mason jars

  • Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday

  • I have a slight obsession with coffee mugs

  • My favorite flower is the ranunculus

  • I LOVE anything Disney

  • I hate socks. And shoes. I'm basically barefoot all the time. All year round.

  • Besides photography, I also work full time at an oral surgery office

  • I try to get a tattoo every time I travel so I always have a "permanent souvenir"

  • Everyone says this but, I truly love music. I cannot go a day without listening to it

  • Concerts (especially rock & metal) are one of my favorite places to be

L I T T L E  T H I N G S