A  F E W  M O R E  F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

Do you have a studio space?
Unfortunately at this time I do not.
All sessions are to take place on-location.
If the weather is awesome, anywhere in the
Duluth area is a good location.
A few favorite spots include:
Canal Park / the beach / the boardwalk
The rose garden
Enger Tower
Hartley Nature Center
Lester Park
Pier B
A random field in the middle of nowhere
Your own backyard
If your session is during the winter or the weather
just doesn't want to cooperate we can either reschedule
your session or a few ideas for an indoor location include:
Clyde Iron Works
Great Lakes Aquarium
The Depot
(admission charge to the location may apply)
Your home
How many photos will I get back?
This can vary based on your individual session, but typically
sessions include 50-75 edited images*
*mini sessions & milk bath sessions include 35-50 edited images​
How long does it take to get my photos back?
Typically you will get your photos back in 3-5 weeks.
Weddings can take up to 12 weeks.
Please keep in mind that I do also work full time but will do my very best
to get your photos back to you as quick as I can!
How do I book a session?
Via my website, email, Facbeook or Instagram. Once we decide on a date I will
email you your customized session contract which will need to be signed within 5 days of receipt. Payment is due upon booking. If you would like to pay using other methods
such as Apple Pay, Zelle or Venmo please let me know when inquiring
Do you edit every photo?


I use Lightroom for all my editing so applying a preset is a given with all photos.

I will change the exposure or rotate & crop your images but, I do not heavily

edit every single photo. Example: editing out little stray hairs or making

someone 10lbs lighter.. not ganna happen (sorry!) you are you, and you are beautiful!!

Where do I print my photos?
If you are looking to print locally in the Duluth area I highly recommend
First Photo (located at 102 East Central Entrance)
If you are looking to print online:

Keep in mind.. you get what you pay for!

I can not be held responsible for any mistakes/corrections made to prints or products made by any photo lab

Do I get the copyright/rights to all my photos?
Yes! You will receive a copyright release via email that you can print
or show when printing your photos
Can I get any/all of my unedited photos?
If you want the short answer, it's no.
Now, I don’t say no to this request because I’m greedy or want
to say no just because I can. It’s not because i’m lazy and
don’t feel like dealing with it. Until your photos are edited,
your image is not finished. Period.
My editing style and creativity is what makes my photography
mine and until the photo is finished I am not proud to put my name
on it. But rest assured, I'm definitely not withholding that one
killer photo. Believe me when I say, if you saw enough
before & after photos you wouldn't even want the unedited ones!