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Preparing for your session

Expectations - when we schedule your session we will discuss what you are looking for from your session.

  • Have you had a moment to view some of my newborn images on my website or Facebook page?  If so, are you familiar with the style of photography I provide (i.e. baby in no clothing / use of props such as buckets) and comfortable with it?

  • Are there specific poses you are looking for? For example, if your husband is a firefighter, would you like your infant photographed in his helmet?

  • Who will be there?

  • Do you have props of your own to incorporate?

Location - Newborn sessions are to take place on location. This usually means your home but sometimes it could be a family member or friend's home too. I will bring along all necessary equipment (i.e. backdrops, flooring, lighting blankets, bowls, baskets, headbands, and/or hats, etc)

Soothing - It is always nice to have a pacifier on hand. This will help me to sooth your baby in between poses. If you have chosen not to use a pacifier with your baby or they don’t seem to care for them, please be prepared to help me by having your finger ready for your baby to suck on. I will also have white noise app to play during the session to help him/her stay calm. Please turn off any air conditioning one hour prior to my arrival. If your session is in the summer months and you do not want to turn your heat on, I will bring along a space heater to heat the area where the photos are being taken. If your session is in the colder months, please set your temperature between 80-85 as newborns have a difficult time regulating their own temp. We all may be sweating it out during your baby's session but he or she will be a happy camper!

Outfits - I prefer to photograph all my babies in their birthday suits but i realize some newborns aren't into being naked in front of a total stranger. I do have a few newborn outfits that I do bring along to your session but they are very minimal. I strongly encourage you to purchase any special accessories like headbands/bows, hats, bow ties, etc. you may not care for what I provide and I might fall in love with something you have! (if you have not yet experienced yet, click the link, type in what you are looking for (headbands/hats/props) and be prepared to be AMAZED at the awesomeness!) Not only will your additions give us more to choose from but they will be unique to your baby’s photos!

Lastly, if you think of anything before our session, please please feel free to contact me. i promise there has never been, nor will there ever be, a stupid question

During your session

Feeding -  Please make sure you wait to feed baby until I arrive at your home. I found it is best to keep baby awake if at all possible for about 1-2 hours before their session. A good way to keep baby awake is to give them a bath. This helps baby relax and (bonus) if your baby has a lot of hair it will help keep it nice and fluffy!

Diaper & clothing - Please make sure that your baby does not have any clothing on or has on a loose zip sleeping pajama set. Having your baby in their diaper only will eliminate the need to undress them, thus waking and/or upsetting them. if a zip sleeping set is needed for warmth, this will be easier to take off than a onesie, once again reducing the risk of waking or upsetting them. Please have diaper loosely applied as well, this will decrease the need to edit out skin wrinkles made by the diaper edges

After your session

I go through the images from your session and select only the best. I am looking for the cream of the crop and usually narrow it down to 30-50 images. Cnce i have the best images selected I go through and edit each individual picture. I try to get a sneak peek up on my Facebook page and Instagram account within 24 hours after your session. If you have “liked” my page then I will be able to tag you in the image as well. Once I’ve finished the entire editing process (usually within four to six weeks) I will create an online gallery via Pixiset for you to view, download and share all your photos. Lastly, I will upload all your photos onto your custom USB & disc and send them on their way to you. As always, you will receive the copyright release which gives you all rights to your photos and allows you to print your photos in the sizes that you choose, order photos books, canvas prints, birth announcements, etc.

Printing - When printing from your USB or disc there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

First, your pictures will be sized for a 4×6 only. This is the native ratio I have my camera capture images. If you are printing in any other size than 4×6, you will need to re-size your image. For example, if you want a 8×10 you will need to crop it to be such. If you do it, then you are controlling what will be in the final product. If you allow your lab to crop the image then they might cut off the baby’s head which, let's face it.. is not a good look for anyone, especially a sweet baby. So, control the crop yourself

Secondly, I have edited and processed your pictures and I truly believe they are perfect the way they are. Ff you forget to tell your lab to not “auto-correct” (it’s usually something as simple as a box to click), then they will add saturation and contrast to your images. They will not resemble the images I have provided to you on your USB/disc

Thirdly, be carefully which lab you choose. I'll be blunt.. Walmart and Walgreens are horrible. Sam’s is tolerable. But, a professional lab will give you the professional quality that you are wanting in your photos

For online printing i recommend and trust:

Mpix or Nations Photo Lab

If you would like to print locally I always recommend First Photo in Duluth.

You can order prints online through their website

Keep in mind you get what you pay for!

I can not be held responsible for any mistakes/corrections made to prints or products made by any photo lab

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