Hi y'all!

First off, how is everyone doing? I hope this message finds you all well. I will continue to send healthy vibes your way!

There is so much uncertainty right now, and with that it can bring stress, fear & anxiety. I'm launching this special sale that will go until June 30th in hopes that it will give everyone an opportunity to look forward to something in the coming months. (Summer & fall sessions FTW!)

ALL sessions are $75 off when you use the code : 2319 (Yes. It is most definitely a Monsters Inc. reference)

ALL wedding packages are $250 off. No coupon code needed.

Gift certificates are also available by contacting me directly. HUGE shout out and many many thanks to everyone who has been supporting other local businesses during this difficult time. It truly means to world to each and every one of us.

Stay healthy. Wash your hands. Sign up for Disney+. Stay in touch. I hope to see you all soon!

xoxo Jen