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Everything you need to know about
working together on your wedding day

It's about more than hiring someone to hold a camera and snap a few photos. Wedding photography is about carefully crafting and capturing the moments of your big day in a way that beautifully tells the story of your relationship.

The hug your mom gives you before you leave your dressing room. The smile on your face as you walk down the aisle. The way the two of you lean your heads together during the toasts.


This day is about more than the flowers or the food. It's about celebrating the start of a new chapter and everything you both have to look forward to. It is truly an honor to be a part of such a significant day in my couple's lives!

Ready to book? Here's the process

You've thoroughly combed through my website, Facebook and Instagram feed and you like what you see. So the next step is setting up a time to chat to make sure we're the perfect fit for one another.

Let's chat

Let's grab a coffee or your favorite brew and talk about all things wedding!



Collection One

Ten hours of coverage

Engagement session included


$ 3 3 0 0

Collection Two

Eight hours of coverage

Engagement session included

$ 2 8 0 0

Collection Three

Six hours of coverage

Engagement session included

$ 2 3 0 0


Elopements begin at two hours of coverage and start at $1300

A L L  C O L L E C T I O N S  I N C L U D E :

  • hand edited high resolution photos

  • personal online gallery

  • wooden USB

  • copyright release which allows you to print + use on social media

Travel and/or lodging fees may apply if wedding is taking place more than fifty miles outside Duluth

Please contact me for more information


Q • How does booking & payment work?

A 50% retainer fee is required to secure your date with the remaining balance due 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. Payments are set up during the booking process and will pull automatically on the set date. Please let me know if you need to set up a payment plan.

Q • How long will it take to get my photos back?


For full wedding days, I set a goal to have all your photos edited and ready to be put on your custom USB in about 12 weeks after your wedding date, but it can take up to 14 weeks during busy season. Elopements will be done in 8-10 weeks. Your images will be uploaded to an online gallery for you to download to your own computer and to share with family & friends. You will also receive a wooden USB that contains all your edited photos as well as the copyright release which will allow you to print your photos & share them on social media. If you are needing specific photos for thank you cards or any other immediate need, please reach out to me!

Q • What if you can't make it to our wedding?

This would only happen if it was due to something completely out of my control. (things like illness, act of God, death, etc) IF this were to happen I would reach out to a group of photographers that I trust and who have a similar style to mine and have them fill in for me. They would take over shooting your day, but I would be editing all the images. If one cannot be found, your money will be refunded.


Q • How many photos will we end up with?

This varies depending on the details of your wedding day and package choice but, just know I will never withhold images from you. They are your memories and I promise to go above and beyond to fully capture them.


Q • Do we have to print our photos through you?

Nope! For prints, thank you cards, photo gift, albums, etc. you can order from wherever you would like! Here's a few places I recommend: 

Nations Photo Lab, MPix or Artifact Uprising

Q • Will you edit every photo?


Absolutely! After your wedding I go through all your photos and choose the very best ones. I will then apply my custom preset(s) in Lightroom that give your photos that earthy, warm look. Please keep in mind, I do not heavily edit every single photo unless it is needed (ie: object or people in the background). Editing out little stray hairs or making someone 10lbs lighter isn't going to happen (sorry!)

Q • Do you travel?

Heck yes! I'm always up for new places. Getting married in the Arizona desert? I'm there! The mountains of Colorado? Sign me up! I will go wherever you need me. Please keep in mind that travel and/or lodging fees do apply if your wedding is taking place more than 50 miles outside of Duluth.


Q • What kind of gear do you use?

I'm a Nikon girl. Currently in my camera bag is my mirror less Nikon Z7ii, Nikon & D750. I also have several different prime lenses that I shoot with.

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